Liability of the carrier

When using the transportation service from Kaivi Trans OÜ, it is useful to know the amount of compensation in case of lost or damaged goods.

In case of damage or loss of goods, the client has the right to demand compensation from the carrier. You do not have to pay extra for the liability of the carrier.

According to EEA (Assotsiatsioon Estonian Freight Forwarders Association- the general conditions of the CMR Convention, all goods are insured with the freight forwarder’s liability insurance.

The freight forwarder’s liability is directly related to the gross weight of goods carried. According to EEA, the maximum liability of the freight forwarder is 8.33 SDR (about 11.5 euros) per gross kg of damaged or lost goods. SDR is the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights wcich exact value you see here.

If the value of your goods is significantly higher than the limit of liability, we certainly recommend additional insurance for the total value of your goods.
Kaivi Trans OÜ has freight forwarder’s insurance and we require CMR insurance from all our subcontractors. This means that your goods are insured twice.

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